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A correspondent named “Black Head” from Leet on Big Ugly Creek in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on June 29, 1923:

Here we come again as before, making folks interested in the Dear Old Banner.

We had a nice meeting at the Lucas school house Sunday, also baptizing.

Mr. Wayne C. Brumfield attended church Sunday.

Miss Thelma E. Huffman enjoyed herself Sunday with Mr. Brumfield.

Miss Wealtha Lambert was the guest of Miss Thelma Huffman Sunday.

Mr. George Hager and Miss Girty Smith were seen out horse back riding.

Hazel M. Toney visited her grandmother recently.

Miss Tinnie Brumfield entertained a lot of company Sunday.

Edna Brumfield seems to be awful downhearted. She didn’t go anyplace Sunday. We hope she will soon cheer up.

Lucy Reynolds made a flying trip to the dentist in Logan one day last week.

Mrs. Georgia Huffman and little kids are coming to visit Mrs. L. Huffman.

There have been a lot of boys and girls in bathing here.

Some Combinations: Wayne and his sweetie, Lomie and his house, Tillie and her pink smock, Wealth and her parasol, Hazel going to grandma’s, Thelma and her hoe going to the cornfield, Forest and a por(?) fish.