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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on February 25, 1927:

After so much rain and snow we are having some beautiful weather.

Emmett Dingess, little son of Robert Dingess, is very low at this writing.

Frank McCloud of Monaville is visiting his friends of Harts this week.

___ is attending school at Mud Fork.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Moses Vance of Twelvepole, a fine boy, Tuesday.

Mrs. Jane Adams was out joy riding Thursday.

Wonder why Charley Mullins never visits Hoover any more? Charley, it wasn’t so.

Wonder why Burl Mullins never visits D. McCloud’s any more?

Mrs. Mary M. Adams and children of Holden have been visiting her mother-in-law of Hoover for the past week.

Howard Adams is taking his vacation this week.

Wonder why Carl Adams looks so blue these days? Cheer up, Carl. She’s not mad.

Anthony Blair was transacting business on Harts Thursday.

Some combinations: Mandie looking for Charley; Lenville going to school; Grandma and her cane; Hattie and her baby; Curtis swinging; Frank wearing Carl’s ring; Howard teaching school; Howard and his pipe; Dixie going to Lawrence; Wilburn and his red sweater; Lucille and her Lee order; Clinton and his lamp; Wilburn and his dogs; Lucy going down the road.