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The 129th Regiment Virginia Militia, commanded by Colonel John DeJarnett, consisted of men primarily from Logan County, (West) Virginia. The 129th existed to protect Logan County. Carter’s Company, captained by Barnett “Barney” Carter, consisted of many Harts Creek men, all of whom enlisted on 27 August 1861 at Logan Court House, Logan County, (West) Virginia. The 129th, including Carter’s Company, participated in the Battle of Boone Court House on 1 September 1861 and the Battle of Kanawha Gap on 25 September 1861. In 1862, Carter’s Company essentially became Company D, 34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. (This list will be updated periodically.)

Albert Abbott*, Abbotts Branch

Benjamin Adams, Crawley Creek

John Quincy Adams, Harts Creek

Aaron Adkins

Canaan Adkins, West Fork of Harts Creek [Lincoln County Feud]

Enos “Jake” Adkins, 1st Lieutenant, Douglas Branch (Ferrellsburg)

Isaac Adkins, Jr., Harts Creek (Big Branch area)

Isaac Adkins, 2nd Sergeant, Harts Creek (Big Branch area)

John H. Adkins

Lewis Baisden

Riland Baisden

Anderson Barker

Benjamin Barker

James M. Berry

Jacob Browning

Josiah Browning, 4th Sergeant

Andrew Jackson Browning, Harts Creek

Allen B. Brumfield, Big Ugly Creek

Evermont Ward Brumfield, Big Ugly Creek

Alexander Bryant, Harts Creek

George Bryant, Harts Creek

James Bryant, Harts Creek

Rufus Bryant, Harts Creek

Ed Burchett

William F. B_____

Jesse W. Carter

Barnett Carter, Captain, Hoover Fork of Harts Creek

John C. Chapman, 1st Corporal

Garland Conley, Smokehouse Fork of Harts Creek

Guy Conley, Conley Branch (Chapmanville)

Henry Conley, Conley Branch (Chapmanville)

Maston Conley, Chapmanville

Oliver Conley, Crawley Creek

Reuben Conley

Thomas Conley, Conley Branch (Chapmanville)

James Dalton, Harts Creek

Martin Dalton, Harts Creek

Harvey S. Dingess*, Crawley Creek

Henderson Dingess, Smokehouse Fork of Harts Creek [Lincoln County Feud]

James Dingess, 3rd Corporal

John Dingess

Peter C. Dingess, Crawley Creek

William A. Dingess

William S. Dingess

Mathias Elkins

William D. Elkins*, 2nd Corporal

D.J. Estep

Shade Estep, 4th Corporal

Fulton D. Ferrell, 3rd Sergeant

James P. Ferrell, Big Ugly Creek

Samuel Ferrell

Isaac Fleming

William T. Fowler, West Fork/Marsh Fork of Harts Creek

Admiral S. Fry, Green Shoal

Christian T. “Jack” Fry*, Abbotts Branch

Fleming Fry

Lewis “Jupiter” Fry, Big Ugly Creek (Gill)

Peter Fry

Robert Fry

Russell Fry

Edward Garrett, 2nd Lieutenant

Isaac G. Gartin, 2nd Lieutenant, Little Harts Creek

George Godby

Tolbert S. Godby, 1st Sergeant

Isaac O. Jeffrey

Henderson Lambert, Bend of the River

William C. Lambert, Bend of the River area

Ira Lucas

Calahill McCloud, Harts Creek or Twelve Pole Creek

Charles McCloud

Jackson McCloud

John McCloud

B. McNeely

James Mullins

Martin Van Buren Mullins, Harts Creek

Robert “Bob” Mullins, Harts Creek

Spencer A. Mullins, Bridge Branch area (Atenville)

Weddington Mullins, Harts Creek

Daniel “Bill” Nester, Browns Branch

William Owens

Arnold Perry

D.H. Perry

Jeremiah Perry

Thompson Perry

Andrew Robinson, Harts Creek

John R. Robinson

Griffin Stollings

Jefferson Thompson, Thompson Branch of Harts Creek

Alford Tomblin, Sr., Harts Creek

Alford Tomblin, Jr., Harts Creek

James Tomblin

Moses Tomblin

Burbus C. Toney, Green Shoal area (Toney)

Squire Toney, Big Ugly Creek

Andrew Jackson Vance

Abner Vance, West Fork of Harts Creek

Addison Vance

Lewis Vance

James Wills

Abijah “Bige” Workman

David Workman

John W. Workman

Moses Workman

Obediah Workman

William Workman

(*) denotes my direct ancestors