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Eden Park is an extinct coal town located between Harts and Atenville along the C&O Railroad and Guyandotte River in Lincoln County, WV. Eden Park Coal Company created the town in the early 1920s. What follows is the company’s founding document:

Eden Park Coal Company

Date: August 24, 1922

Headquarters: Atenville

Chief works: Eden Park

Capital stock: $50,000

500 shares of $100


Dr. D.P. Crockett of Big Creek, WV: 45 shares

Mrs. D.P. Crockett of Huntington, WV: 5 shares

John D. Shelton of Sand Creek, WV: 50 shares

Philip Hager of Hamlin, WV: 50 shares

Shelby Shelton of Sand Creek, WV: 50 shares

Note: Corporation will expire in fifty years.

Source: Corporation Record Book 2, Lincoln County Clerk’s Office, Hamlin, WV.


Eden Park hosted at least two murders, one of which essentially closed the mine. Reportedly, the company left much of its equipment inside of the mine. Photo by Mom.

eden_park 009.jpg

Mr. Silas Gibson, in an interview conducted on 1 August 1927, stated that J.X. Hill sold his property at present-day Hadley, WV, and moved here…where he was killed by Green Porter. Photo by Mom.