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An unknown local correspondent from Yantus in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on April 16, 1926:

Here we come with a bit of news from Yantus.

We have plenty of mud down here and who ever wants a sack full is welcome.

We had an interesting ball game at Sammy Stollings’ Sunday.

Tom Stollings was the all day guest of Mitch Stollings Sunday.

Mrs. Mason Sanders and Ida Sanders made a flying trip to Chapmanville Saturday.

Mrs. Martha Farley was visiting Mrs. Emmazetta Stollings Saturday and Sunday.

Maybe winter is over. Andrew Chambers was seen sitting out in the sun Monday.

Bee Bud Campbell is going to send a wagon load of plow stacks to the shop when his horse gets out of the hospital.

Hurst Butcher was the all day guest of Kahler Butcher at Chapmanville, Friday.

Miss Gracy Stollings was visiting her parents Saturday and Sunday.

French Butcher made a fine horse trade Saturday: he traded a good horse for a bridle, but the horse’s head was in it.

Ernest Sanders and Grace Stollings were out walking Sunday evening.

Floyd Stollings was calling on Miss Cris Jackson, Sunday. Look out, Lee.

Charley Adams was horse back riding Saturday evening.

Bernard Forbes and Miss Oma Butcher were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sanders Saturday.

Bee Bud Campbell is repairing plow stocks.

Samp Dingess got a hair cut Saturday at Chapmanville.

Clel Adams and Opal White broke a date. Hope they make up again.

Hurst Butcher was calling on Miss Hazel Stollings Sunday.

Combinations: Jake and his sled; Jonah and his curls; Hassell and his Essex; Floyd looking for Cris; Jim and his horse; Hurst and his gold tooth; Ernest and his tie; Dell and his guitar; Floyd and his No. 12; Charley and his smiles; Hazel and her blues; Opal and her hair cut; Clel and his freckles; Mont and his overcoat; Sherman and his grip; Martha and her dust cap; Tom and his eye brows; Cecil and his red socks; French and his formal horse; Bernard and his toboggan.