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An unnamed correspondent at Halcyon on the West Fork of Harts Creek and Yantus on the Striker Fork of Crawley Creek, Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on Friday, December 8, 1911:

The Sunday school on Crawley is increasing.

Mr. Simon Dingess was at Crawley to Sunday school last Sunday.

Mr. French Gore, of Halcyon, killed a fine hog a few days ago. He said it weighed about twenty pounds.

Mr. Scott Thompson killed a fine hog last week.

Mr. Lee A. Dingess, of Halcyon, visited Logan last week.

Mr. Guy Gore was a visitor to Chapmanville last Saturday.

Leander Cary visited home last Sunday.

Marian Nelson preaches at the Low Gap church on next Sunday.

Eva Thompson, of Holden, was a visitor on last Sunday.

Green Jackson, who has been sick, is improving.

To buy cheap goods go to J.H. Vickers, Chapmanville.

Miss Anna Dingess spent last Sunday with her mother at Halcyon.