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An unnamed local correspondent at Whirlwind in Upper Hart, Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on Friday, June 9, 1911:

C.W. Mullins was visiting this place Monday.

S. Riddell made a business trip to Dingess Friday.

The recent rain did considerable good in this section.

Quite a crowd attended the box supper Saturday night.

Mrs. Frances Baisden was shopping in Whirlwind Wednesday.

Frank Adams made a flying trip to Whirlwind store Thursday.

Miss Burtie Riddell was visiting at Whirlwind last Tuesday.

Quite a number attended church at C.W. Mullins’ last Sunday.

The Misses Dorca and Malinda Smith left Monday for Holden.

Mullins & Riddell are having their business enlarged to some extent.

Mrs. Jackson Workman died at her home on Trace Wednesday of last week.

The Misses ____ Vanderpool and Phoebe Marcum were here Wednesday.

Moses Tomblin made a business trip to the forks of Hart last week Tuesday.

James Mullins and Frank Sias made a brief visit to William H. Mullins last Monday.

Mrs. Florence Adams and Clara Bell Adams were shopping in S. Riddell’s Thursday last.

Peter Mullins and William Carter have been working for Mullins & Riddell the past week.

Little Dennie, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Tomblin, of Whirlwind, died Tuesday, June 5th, of spinal meningitis, after only a few days illness.