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“J.M.,” a local correspondent at Whirlwind in Upper Hart, Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on Friday, December 29, 1911:

Coal digging is all the go at Whirlwind.

John Mullins, of Trace was in town Friday.

Mrs. Geo. Bryant was calling at Whirlwind, Friday.

Richard Collins passed through the city one day since.

Quite a crowd attended church, near Dingess, last Sunday.

James Mullins is the champion photographer at Whirlwind.

S. Riddell made a business trip down to Hart, Saturday.

James Mullins was transacting business on 12 Pole, Sunday.

Mrs. Mike Kinser was among the Whirlwind visitors Friday.

Miss Tenia Adams called on Mrs. S. Riddle, Thursday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lowe, Saturday night, a girl baby.

Mr. Lee Ward, of Nelsonville, O., is visiting his brother here.

Crockett Farley is the mail carrier from Whirlwind to Dingess.

Mr. Fall has returned from North Carolina after a month’s trip.

M. Tomblin is furnishing the Whirlwind people with coal this winter.

Thomas Carter paid Miss Maggie Preece a visit one day last week.

John Collins made a business trip to Whirlwind, Friday. James Mullins was also here the same day.

Vinson Collins and Moses Tomblin are opening a new coal mine on Bulwark Creek, at this time, Nov. 30.