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An unnamed correspondent from Harts in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on August 28, 1925:

Singing school at this place is progressing nicely under the leadership of Rev. Gartin.

All the school teachers at this place are preparing to attend the teachers association at Charleston this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Johnson left here Saturday for their home in Florida after spending a few weeks with the latter’s mother, Mrs. Chas. Brumfield, of Harts.

Dr. Hite of Big Creek was calling on Miss Cora Adkins Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Adkins of Harts motored to Huntington Sunday.

Mrs. Robert Dingess of Logan was here to see her sister before she left for her vacation.

Mr. Hardin Marcum of Ranger was calling on friends in Harts Monday.

Mr. Chas. Brumfield of Harts is looking after business matters in Huntington this week.

Mr. Hendrix Brumfield has been on the sick list several days.

Miss Sylvia Ciphers, of Gill, was at the board meeting at Harts Tuesday.

Mr. W.B. Toney of Big Creek was in Harts Sunday.

Miss Pauline Scites of Midkiff was here to visit Miss Brumfield Friday before she left for her vacation.