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From the Logan Democrat of Logan, WV, comes this poem written by J. Rush Cook titled “Perception,” published January 7, 1915:


I have seen the rosebuds blowing

In the springtime’s early morn;

The shining dewdrops showing

On the petals newly born.

I have heard the happy bird’s song,

Wafted from the leafy bowers;

I have felt the heart beat strong

As I gazed at bird and flower.

I have seen a grander vision

Than dewdrops on the flowers;

A sweeter song to me is given

Than was wafted from the bowers.

‘Tis a vision of the feature,

When right o’er wrong prevails;

When man, the noblest creature,

No longer each assail.

‘Tis a song of love and duty,

‘Neath a bright or frowning sky;

Like the rainbow in its beauty

And its promise, by and by!