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A correspondent named “Old Man Grump” from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following news, which the Logan Banner printed on November 23, 1923:

Last week was a sad week on account of the death of Dr. Turner and we failed to write. We all are much grieved over his death.

Rev. Chambers conducted a two weeks service and had quite a few joiners and several were baptized Sunday. Rev. Chambers left Sunday afternoon for Lexington, Ky.

Mr. Cecil Ward left Monday for Charleston where he will spend his vacation. Wish you a happy time, Cecil.

The Young People’s Epworth League are doing great work and the young and old people seem to be interested in it. We hope they still hold out for I am sure it will be a great help to all the young people.

Mr. Opie Robertson spent Sunday in Chapmansville with his mother, Mrs. A.K. Bowling.

We have seen in the papers so much about Hazel Maud, Hazel E. McCloud, but we haven’t never been able to find out which is Hazel M. and Hazel E. but we see them quite often.

Ima Nutt, we sure are glad you come to our little town, but we would be pleased if you would let yourself be known and not be so bashful. Now don’t get mad as we are just joking.

Mr. Donald Stone left Monday for Charleston for an extended visit. We haven’t been able to find out how long.

Mr. Basil Robertson spent Sunday with his mother of this place.

Seems like some of the girls like to quarrel on their way home from church, don’t they Hazel?

Mr. Victor Toney and Miss Bennie Robertson were seen out walking Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Floyd Barker spent Saturday in Chapmansville with friends. Mr. Barker is here from the army on a three [day?] vacation, then he will return and stay another year.

Mr. Code Tabor of Logan was visiting in Chapmansville Saturday.

Roscoe Turner, a brother of Dr. Turner, from New York, attended the funeral of his brother last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Ferrell of Huntington spent last week here with Mrs. Ferrell’s sister, Mrs. Turner.

Mr. and Mrs. King of Hinton attended the burial of Dr. Turner. Mrs. King is a sister of Dr. Turner.

Mrs. William Turner, mother of the late Dr. Turner, and his sister, Mrs. Mankins of Washington, D.C., attended the burial services.

Mrs. Subinia Ward was calling on Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Ward Sunday.

Mr. Wayne Brown and Miss Harriet Hill were seen out walking Sunday evening.

Miss Eva Barker and Mr. Wilkie were seen out car riding Sunday.