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From the Logan Banner of Logan, WV, comes these items of history for Chapmanville High School, dated April 2 and April 16, 1926:

Chapmanville Plans to Vote on Bond Issue for High School Building

Total of $75,000 Proposed, $45,000 of Which to Establish New Structure; Balance to Remodel Others.

Four years of discussion is about to crystallize for the residents of Chapmanville in a High School that will provide for the instruction of both junior and senior high school students if the plans of the Board of Education of that district, which have already been launched, prevail among the voters.

At a recent meeting the tentative plans were prepared after the matter had been discussed with one hundred representative voters who had been invited by special letter to attend for the purpose of ascertaining their will in the matter. Of this number it was found that only four showed any disposition not in favor with the proposed bond issue to cover the completion of the project and these it is confidently expected will find their way over to those who are eager to establish a High School in the district.

Another meeting is scheduled to be held in the school house, at Chapmanville, April 10, at which time details of preparing the proposed $75,000 bond issue will be further discussed.

As proposed now, the bond issue will provide $45,000 to defray the cost of the new High School, and $30,000 to be devoted to converting one-room school buildings into structures of two or more rooms. In this latter, the members of the Board of Education feel that the item of continued maintenance for these old buildings will go a long way toward the cost of creating the new ____.

New buildings will be erected at various parts of the district where it is found they are needed.

Although there are at the present time 150 pupils ready to take up the courses offered in the High School, the structure tentatively planned will entirely care for the future, at least for many years to come.

The achievements of the Chapmanville district in the matter of progress in educational matters during the past six years has been very notable. In 1920, when the present Commissioners took charge, they had a $17,000 debt hanging over their heads.

That debt has dwindled down until now it represents only $2,700.

In 1920 the district boasted of 34 schools, part of them receiving scholars and part of them idle. Since then 13 elementary rooms have been added as well as a Junior High, with three teachers.

This year the school district will obtain $18,000 from the State for the fund devoted to elementary teaching. Also the State will allow the district a little over $1,600, about $350 of which will provide for the cost of the proposed bond issue election. The confidentially expected will find their ______, coal cost and other matters in connection with the upkeep of the schools.

The Board of Education consists of the following members: T.B. Ferrell, president, Big Creek; T.B. Stone, Secretary, Kitchen; Robert Sanders, Banco; and George Mullins, Queens Ridge.


Chapmanville Orders High School Plans

Architect Will Present Them At Special Meeting April 17; Points Named Where Improvements Will Be Made

At a meeting of the Board of Education of the Chapmanville district, last Saturday night, held for the purpose of further discussing plans in connection with the proposed bond issue of $75,000 for the erection of a High School and the improvement and construction of other school buildings in the district, the board authorized the architect present to draw tentative plans.

These will be presented at a special meeting to be held Saturday, April 17, at the Chapmanville school at 10 o’clock in the morning. At this meeting it is hoped that most of the details of the proposed bond issue will be decided upon and something definite reached regarding the election to take care of it.

It was reported at the meeting that sentiment has grown rapidly and opinion is practically unanimous in favor.

It was proposed that improvements be made in the elementary schools at Stone Branch, Kitchen, Godby Branch, Thompson, Rocky, Striker, White Oak, Browns Run, about the mouth of Smoke House. Also Trace and Buck Forks, Bulwark, Hoover and Upper Trace all repairs made on all buildings that cannot be combined with others.

In order that these matters may be discussed and known to the citizens of the district all are urged by the Board of Education to be present at the next meeting.

Note: Chapmanville High School was consolidated with Harts High School in 2006-2007.