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Terry Lowry is THE authority on the Civil War in the Kanawha Valley. Stop 7 on his tour: Littlepage Mansion in Charleston, WV. 29 September 2019. Here is a link to Terry’s latest book, The Battle of Charleston (2016): https://wvcivilwar.com/now-available-the-battle-of-charleston/


Built in 1845, the Littlepage mansion is one of only six antebellum houses remaining in Charleston, WV. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 29 September 2019


Rebecca Littlepage reportedly refused to allow Confederate General Henry A. Wise to occupy her home as a headquarters. According to the historical marker: “When the famously short-tempered Wise threatened to blow up the house, she stood staunchly on the front porch, surrounded by her six children. Nobody was willing to fire artillery at a woman and her children, and the house was spared.” For more history about the Littlepage mansion, go here: https://www.wvencyclopedia.org/exhibits/23?section=7