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A correspondent named “Pug Nose” and “Let All-Alone Blues” from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following news, which the Logan Banner printed on November 30, 1923:

We are having some rainy weather here now.

Fannie Brown, Miss Daniels and Mrs. Bernie Ward have some attraction in Big Creek, as they go down every evening on 51 and back on 52.

Mr. A.K. Bowling was home Sunday from Man, W.Va.

Mrs. Collins of Holden was calling on homefolks SUnday.

Borned to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Langton, a fine boy last Friday. Mrs. Langton before marriage was Miss Fannie Brown.

Some one said wedding bells will ring at Henlawson soon.

Mr. Bill Cooper is able to be home from the Guyan Hospital at Logan.

Mr. T.A. Rogers was in Logan last Thursday on business.

We are having lots of new houses built now.

Oliver Shuff is building him a house here.


As there hasn’t been any one here writing I will try and see what I can do.

Last week was sad on account of the death of Dr. J.D. Turner. We are much grieved over the loss of him.

Mr. Bill Carper was seriously hurt in the mines while driving. He was caught between two cars. Mr. Carper was taken to the Guyan Valley hospital.

Miss Molly Conley and Mr. Chester Barker were seen coming from church one night last week.

Ferrells and Winters store seems to be doing great business under the general manager, Mr. O.C. Winters.

Combinations: Everett and his sweater; Inez and her dancing; Anna and her apron; Bena and beans; Mrs. A.K. Bowling and her cap; Mrs. Ward and her hotel; Eva and her parcel; Cecil going to Charleston.