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A correspondent named “Baby Doll” from Leet on Big Ugly Creek in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following news, which the Logan Banner printed on November 30, 1923:

Miss Thelma Huffman, her chum, __ ___ Brumfield, have __________.

_________ visiting friends and relatives in Huntington.

Miss Wealtha Lambert gave a party Tuesday night. A nice time was reported.

Mr. Willie Payne left this afternoon for Morrisville, W.Va.

Mr. Lonnie and Leona Lambert will spend Thanksgiving in Hunitngton.

Miss Edna M. Brumfield stayed home all day Sunday. Wonder where her sweetie was?

Edith and Ethel Frye are going to school these days.

School is proceeding nicely on Lore Fork.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Horn Skeens a 11 pound baby girl, Buleauh Ellen.

Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Gill made a flying trip to Hamlin attending to personal affairs.

Miss Lillie Lucas has a case of chickenpox and is very ill.

Mr. Wayne C. Brumfield will visit home folks Saturday evening.

Ernest and Irwin Lucas attended church at Rector Sunday.

Miss Anna Fry seems to be quite ill now. Hope she will soon recover.

Miss Linnie Brumfield had lots of company Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy are planning to go to Huntington this week.

Mrs. Lizzie Frye entertained company Sunday evening.