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A correspondent named “Harts Hiccobughs” from Harts Creek in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following news, which the Logan Banner printed on December 7, 1923:

___ ks and light brown curls, __amonds, teeth like pearls.

___ Dingess was calling on Miss ______ Brumfield Sunday afternoon.

__on Adkins and Miss Cora __ were shopping in Logan Saturday.

___ of Logan was the guest ___ Jessie Brumfield Sunday.

__ why all the boys have forgotten ___ Curry Branch.

Susan Virginia McEldowney __ has been visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Hollene Ferguson, __.

__ Brumfield has returned __ a visit with relatives in __.

Jessie and Anna Brumfield __ Adkins were seen out horse back riding Friday.

Fisher B. Adkins has been __ for the last two weeks.

__ and Mrs. Herbert Adkins is busy preparing for the Christmas holidays.

The school at Harts is progressing nicely with J. Johnson teacher.

Enos Dials seems to be very __ old coals have been kindled on __ Creek.

__ Rotie Farley and Carmus Adkins of Mud Fork have been visiting here recently.

Combinations: Inez going to the ___; Anna and Robert out walking; __ and her powder puff; Bessie and her bobbed hair; Cora and her curls; Herb and his bath robe; Watson and his pipe; Fred and his coal bucket; Billy and his horse; Johnny and his frock tail coat; Pearl writing letters; Tom going down the road.

NOTE: Part of this page of the newspaper is torn and some words are missing.