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A correspondent named “Black Eye” from Leet on Big Ugly Creek in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on July 13, 1923:

Mrs. L. Huffman entertained a bunch of friends and guests for dinner on the Fourth. A delightful dinner was served.

Miss Thelma Huffman is on a vacation in Charleston visiting friends.

The Death Angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lambert last Sunday and took their new born babe away.

Mr. Wayne Brumfield was the guest of Thelma Huffman Sunday.

Miss Edna Brumfield and Lonnie Lambert are engaged to be married July 15th.

The Death Angel visited the home of Mrs. Lillie Curry and took her husband away last Saturday morning.

NOTE: Lon and Edna married on December 26, 1923 in Lincoln County, WV.