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A correspondent named “Red Wings” from Leet on Big Ugly Creek in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on November 9, 1923:

We are having some nice weather at this writing.

We certainly are having some real good meetings at this place. Most everybody enjoyed themselves going.

Miss Edna Brumfield is teaching school at Green Shoal, W.Va.

Miss Lizzie Payne arrived home Saturday evening.

Miss Girtie Smith, Laura and Edith Frye were the dinner guests of Miss Thelma Huffman Saturday.

Miss Lillie and Lonnie (Lincoln?) attended church Sunday at Lucas, W.Va.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Spears a fine girl baby.

Mr. Wayne Brumfield was calling on Miss Thelma Huffman Sunday and Thursday night.

Mr. Willie Payne has returned home after visiting friends and relatives in Kentucky.

Mr. Sid Nelson and Miss Lillie Curry were united in wedlock this week.

Miss Pearl Brumfield visited home folks Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Gue made a flying trip to Gill, W.Va., Friday.

Mr. Bruce Hatfield was calling on Miss Weltha Lambert Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Harper visited home folks last week.

Mrs. Georgia Smith is on the sick list now. We hope she will soon recover.

Mr. Lindsey Huffman returned to Logan Sunday.

Miss Belva Reynolds visited Miss Thelma Huffman Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cooper are taking a vacation on Pea Ridge, W.Va.

Mr. Wayne Brumfield will spend a few days in Charleston this week.

Mr. Irvin Lucas was calling at the home of Miss Eunice Deal Sunday evening.

Mr. Tom Frye was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Huffman Sunday.

Miss Thelma Huffman and Miss Pearl Brumfield were seen out horse back riding Sunday.

Miss Virginia Brumfield was shopping in Logan Saturday.

Bunch Lambert, Bob Gilbert, and Shorty Toney were seen riding down the big road Sunday morning.

Mr. Emma Lucas went to church Sunday at Gill, W.Va.

Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Gill attended church Sunday.

Mr. Milt Ferrell seems to be very ill now. Hope he will be able to be out again soon.