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A correspondent named “Mike and Ike” from Queen’s Ridge at Lincoln-Wayne counties, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on March 2, 1923:

Minnie and Eva Workman took dinner with Ora Mann Monday.

Garland Spry was rabbit hunting Sunday.

Minnie and Eva Workman made a flying trip to Francis Creek Sunday and back home Monday. They reported a good time.

Ora Mann and Eva Workman are going to the commencement exercise of Mrs. Victoria Maynard’s school next Wednesday.

W.H. Tomlin is grieving about his son Charlie, who is about to get married. He says if Charlie marries he is broke up.

Nancy Shepherd, who was reported sick a few weeks ago, is some better.

Virgie Mann was visiting friends on Francis Creek Sunday.

Minnie Workman is going to school every day. She says her school will soon close and she will go to Wayne to go to school.

A few weeks ago the farmers were thinking of planting corn. Now they are better satisfied sitting by the fire.

I wonder when Wayne Maynard is coming back home.

Arnold Workman has built a new chicken house. He says he can’t feed his poultry and chickens together.

Woodrow Workman got his fine coon dog caught in a trap. He says he will soon recover.

Frank Mann made a business trip to Big Creek Monday.

Wiley and Albert Queen were on our streets hauling coal last week.

Wonder where Silas Spry was Sunday? Guess he ran into a stump and bumped his nose and stumped his toes.

Elmer Frazier and his hat are getting along fine.

Emery Bryant was calling on Sallie Mann Sunday.

Jinks Mann is still going to see Ocie Spry every Sunday.

Little Monroe Workman is drawing a pension. He had his dog’s life insured and killed the dog to get the insurance.

NOTE: Geographically, Queens Ridge is located entirely in Wayne County but the post office area included a section of Lincoln (and Logan) County for a certain number of years.