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The killing of Tolbert, Pharmer, and Bud McCoy by a Hatfield-led gang on August 8, 1882 represented one of the most sensational events of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. What follows is Dan Whitt’s deposition regarding the affair:


The Commonwealth then introduced as a witness Dan Whitt who proves that [he] knows the Defts Doc & Plyant Mayhorn. Knew the three McCoy Boys. Saw them on head Blackberry. Ance, Cap, & Jonse Hatfield, C. Carpenter, Alex Messer were there with me. I saw Defts at Rev. Anderson Hatfield’s was there when we came down the creek to that place, do not remember whether they had any arms or not. All the balance of us had arms. Defts. was somewhere above there when we formed line do not remember whether they got in line or not. Do not remember how Defendants crossed the river. Saw them on the West Virginia side. Had no trial at the mouth of Blackberry. Defendants went to the school house on Mate Creek where the McCoy boys were taken. Do not remember that the Defendants had guns or was armed. There was arms there and they was handled through each other. When Aunt Sally come Ance objected to her seeing the boys but consented afterwards. Wall told Aunt Sally that if they were bothered they would shoot the boys as full of holes as a sifter bottom. Myself, Ance Hatfield, Cap, & Jonce Hatfield, Alex Messer, Jo Murphy, Tom Mitchel C. Carpenter Doc & Sam Mayhon Moses Christian and Jeff Whitt crossed over river into Ky with the McCoy boys we crossed in a flat boat we took them up the bank and up the river a piece to a flat place and there surrounded them and set down and some one said something about a shooting match and I told them if that was what they was for I would leave and me and Sam Mayhorn, Jeff Whitt, & Moses Christian run and got 15 or 20 steps away and the guns fired. The boys was tied together. After the shooting the balance all come to where we was on the bank of the river and we all crossed back together in the boat and when we got to the mouth or Just up in the mouth of Mate we found Wall Hatfield, Elias Hatfield, Plyant Mahon, & Elijah Mounts. They was near the sign board. Wall Hatfield there. Saw the crowd that had been near the river to protect each other and never tell anything that had happened that night. I was indicted for this offense and my father in law got a letter from McKenner saying that if I would come in and give up and tell all I knew about the case he would dismiss the indictments against me and I should not be prosecuted. The prosecution has been dismissed against me. I did not take the oath. We left Ance Ferrells in West Va, that is me, Ance, Jonce, & Cap Hatfield, Alex Messer, C. Carpenter, Jo Murphy, Tom Mitchel, Bill Tom Hatfield, & Jeff Whitt with the agreement to go and Hang the McCoy boys. We staid all night at Farmans store at the mouth of Blackberry in Pike Co Ky. We had no agreement with the Mayhon boys to hang the McCoy boys and they knew nothing of the agreement made at Ance Ferrells. I said at the Jail that I would give same amount to know which one of the Mayhon boys was across the river…[cropped]