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Harry Gay, First Republican House Member from Logan LB 11.05.1926 3.JPG

Logan (WV) Banner, 2 March 1928. “Logan County’s popular member of the House of Delegates who is being urged to accept renomination by the Republicans for that post, despite his own inclination to quit politics.” Later on November 5: “To be the first person to ship coal from Logan county has always been quite an honor for Harry S. Gay, Jr., but to be selected, 23 years later, as its first Republican representative in the legislature is a fitting tribute to his popularity. Mr. Gay’s race was not quite so easy, though. He was opposed by a very popular Democrat, and many of the large coal companies fought him bitterly. The fact that he is a coal operator caused some to feel that he could not carry the labor vote, but besides his own mining precinct and all bordering precincts his labor vote totals compared very favorably with Mr. Turley’s.”