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An unknown correspondent from Harts Creek in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on December 12, 1924:

Mrs. Hollena Ferguson has sold her sheep and is going to buy her a fine Buick car and she has employed Mr. Wesley Ferguson for her chauffeur.

Herbert Adkins has purchased his bride a fine car and bought her a fine automobile coat to go riding in.

Mrs. Nerve Brumfield was over at Harts shopping last week.

Mrs. John Hite is Hollena Ferguson’s milk maid at present.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Adkins, two fine twin boys Monday, December 1st. The father is very proud of his boys.

Herbert Adkins has hired Robert Robinson to do his janitor service.

Charley Brumfield paid George H. Adkins a visit last week.

Misses Sallie and Dixie Adkins are the champion spellers of Harts Creek.

Ward Brumfield and John Hite paid Robert Brumfield a visit last Sunday.

Floyd Dingess and Homer Tomblin were visiting Lilly and Harriet Curry last week.

John Dalton and Miss Nervie Tomblin were out horseback riding last Sunday.

Mr. Irv Tomblin is entertaining G.W. Ward this week.

Mrs. Lizzie Tomblin has sold her geese to Benjamin Adkins and is going into the poultry business.

Enoch Adkins was seen in Harts Monday with his mule team.

Mrs. Belle Adkins has got in a fine lot of Christmas toys.

Mrs. Laura Adkins and her two daughters paid Mrs. Belle Adkins a visit last Sunday.

George McComas has employed Hendrix Brumfield to run his school.