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A correspondent named Red Rose & Smiles from Leete on Big Ugly Creek in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on June 8, 1923:

We certainly are having very fine weather at this writing.

The girls and boys are enjoying themselves by playing football and other games.

Mr. Wayne C. Brumfield was the guest of Miss Thelma Huffman Monday.

Miss Edna M. Brumfield was a visitor in Leete this P.M.

Miss W. Lambert of Rector, W.Va., was a recent visitor of Miss Hazel Huffman.

Mr. L.L. Lambert seems to have all his attention on Green Shoal as he goes to see Edna Brumfield almost every Sunday.

Miss Thelma Huffman has just arrived home from Huntington.

We had a grand meeting at Dolly on the first Sunday and we are also going to have a big meeting on the third Sunday. We would like to have everybody come.

We are having a splendid Sunday school at the South Fork of Ugly.

Mrs. W.M. Payne was the guest of Mrs. Tillie Huffman Sunday.

Willie Payne was a business visitor in town recently. Come again, Willie. We are glad to see you.

Miss Thelma Huffman is going to have a long vacation in Chicago, Ill.

Mrs. J.B. Gue is a lively visitor in Dally today.