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Aracoma High School LB 04.16.1929 1.JPG

Logan (WV) Banner, 16 April 1929.


Now In Course of Erection, is the result of the vision and enterprise of the Logan District Board of Education to meet a need in the life of the colored citizens of this district, which need has been existing for a long period of years, and has equally as long been neglected.

The moving spirit, in the board of education, toward bringing this new school to a successful issue, is Dr. L.E. Farnsworth, and it is to him in particular that the colored citizens of this district owe a lasting debt of gratitude. Early and late, at times seasonable and times unseasonable Dr. Farnsworth worked in the Aracoma colored system, and that the shame against the intelligence and liberality of the white citizens of this district might be removed by in replacing the makeshift which existed with a decent colored school building.

The contribution of the space and picture of the proposed building, shown in this progress section devoted to colored citizens, is made by the Board of Education. This is a further evidence of their generous attitude toward our people, encouraging their efforts to improve themselves and advance their welfare. Such liberality merits our thanks and unstinted praise, and it is hereby extended generously and thankfully.

Source: Logan (WV) Banner, 16 April 1929


New School Building

Ground was broken last week in Coal Branch for the new Aracoma Junior high school. A large force of men with scrapers, picks and shovels are busy doing the excavating work, and delegations of patriot citizens of color are visiting the scene daily and watching the rapid progress that is being made on this long needed and prayed for school building. The site is ideal, with a large play ground and when completed and furnished, it will be one of the best in the state. The new Aracoma Junior high school building is the fulfillment of some of the pledges and campaign promises made by Republican candidates and party workers, to the colored voters during the last election. The bringing into existence of this long promised school will be a lasting credit to the members of the Logan district Board of Education and should also standout as another important reason why the Negro should vote the Republican ticket.

Source: Logan (WV) Banner, 19 April 1929