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The Logan Banner of Logan, WV, offered these items relating to former sheriff Don Chafin in 1927:

Don Chafin In Another Realty Deal

Announcement was made today by Don Chafin of the disposal of more of his Logan property, following the sale of his oil and gas business and service stations consummated last week. The deal just closed disposes of two business buildings on Stratton street, one the three-story brick block occupied by the Bell Department Store, the other the adjoining one-story brick structure containing two store rooms, one occupied by the Logan Jewelry Company, the other by the Army and Navy Store of Nate Rosensweig. The consideration of the two sales is about $127,000. New owners of the properties are Nick Savis, of the New Eagle Restaurant, and Ammar Brothers. The Bell Department Store will continue to occupy the ground floor of the three-story building in its present location under the existing ten-year lease, while the Logan Jewelry Company and the Army and Navy Store will remain in their rooms in the other building until their present leases expire, at least.

Source: Logan (WV) Banner, 23 August 1927



Former Sheriff Decides Family and Business Need Him More Than Politics


Will Take No Active Part In Primaries; Asks That Insistence Cease

Under no circumstances will Don Chafin, former sheriff and recognized Democratic leader, be a candidate for sheriff at the next election. This was the text of a statement made to a Banner reporter this morning.

“Please tell my friends in both parties that my several business interests prevent me from making the race,” added Mr. Chafin. “I appreciate the many kind offers of support, and I know every person who has approached me is sincere in wanting me back in political action, but my family and business interests require my entire time, and I would not be fair to either if I neglected them to make the fight that would be necessary.”

Asked if he would take active part in the support of the Democratic candidate, the former sheriff said, “I will make no active campaign for any one in the primaries, but successful party nominees may expect my untiring support for their successful election in November, provided they are of the proper material.”

Mr. Chafin also wanted it made plain that his friends would be doing him quite a favor if, after this statement is made, they will take it as his final word, and make no further insistence. “It really takes up much of my time and distracts me from my work to have so many callers each day insisting I make the race,” he said.

This announcement of Mr. Chafin’s will cause more surprise from those who felt he positively would make the race at the proper time. No Democratic announcements for sheriff have been mentioned outright, each waiting to see what Don had in mind. This settled now, it is expected the field will be immediately flooded with the many who have looked with longing eyes on that important office.

Source: Logan (WV) Banner, 23 December 1927