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From the Alexandria (VA) Gazette comes this bit of history for William Straton of Logan County, (West) Virginia, dated December 4, 1860:


The Roanoke Republican states that on the morning of the 15th ult., Wm. Stratton, esq., Clerk of Logan county, Va., and a young man, Thos. Mullins, of the same county, left the hunting camp on Laurel Fork of Spruce Fork of Little Coal river, in pursuit of deer. They became separated, for some time, and Mr. Stratton thinking he spied a deer, through a small aperture in a laurel thicket, about fifty yards distant, fired at it, and to his horror, found that he had shot his companion, Mr. Mullins, through the body–the ball entering his left side just below the ribs. No one was near, to whom the alarm could be given for aid, as they were about a mile and a half from the camp, and their camp companions may have been in an opposite direction from them. They, however, came to their assistance before night and making a litter on which they placed a bed, bore Mr. Mullins to the camp, which he died about 10 o’clock that night.

NOTE: Stratton Street in Logan is named for Mr. Straton.