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Partly to resolve the debt case, prominent resident Spencer A. Mullins provided a deposition that referenced three important residents of Harts: Isaac Adkins, Jr., William Robinson, and Canaan Adkins. Note: Canaan “Cain” Adkins was a leading figure in the Lincoln County Feud.

Question by Defendant

Was you by at settlement took place between Isaac Adkins and William Robinson?

I was with them at the mouth of harts creek on a raft of timber that the(y) had bought of Deft. which timber I suposed they had just measshered as they had they measherment of the timber presant. they thare mad(e) a settlement on the raft and they raft locked fifteen its(?) or fifteen feet of paying a note that he held on defendant, which note had been executed to Canaan Adkins and the note was not presant at the time of settlement. the plantif was to give the said note to Defendant another time as he hadent the note withe him at the time they made they settlement.

At what time did this settlement take place?

In the year sixty or sixty one.

S.A. Mullins


Jeremiah Lambert, Justice of the Peace, Lincoln County, WV, July 1870. Jeremiah Lambert is my great-great-great-great-grandfather.