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An unknown correspondent from Banco on Big Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on October 12, 1926:

All you folks of different towns

And the travelers making rounds

Who read lots of papers

And are always getting blue

Just get The Logan Banner and read it too.

Miss Gay Petit of Braxton county, teacher of the Daisy school, and Miss Mary Thomas of Estep were the guests of Clara Harmon last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Stone and children were out motoring last Saturday evening.

We imagine H.F.L. will soon don his furs and be off for the “North Pole.”

Gardner Baisden of Estep passed through Banco last Sunday enroute to Stone Branch. What’s the attraction around there, Peanut?

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Justice, Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Justice, and Earl Justice motored from Whitman last Sunday and were the guests of home folks on Elm Street.

Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Hager and small daughter of Stone Branch and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hager of Big Creek were the guests of Mrs. Mary Hager last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Miller of Six Mile motored through Banco last Sunday evening.

O.L. Harmon of Aracoma was calling on his uncle Mr. D.H. Harmon here one evening last week.

Look out girls of Banco and Estep. You’re going to lose Basil Duty, as he is visiting Mud Fork real often. There must be some attraction up there.

H.F. Lucas of Elm Street was in Banco real early last Sunday morning. He surely was inspecting the “Candy Kitchens” of this town.

Miss Ruby Browning, teacher of the Broad Branch school, was visiting her parents at Cynthiana, Ohio, the last weekend.

Mrs. B.E. Ferrell of Mt. Sinai was a business caller in Banco one day last week.

Wonder if the “Boy” who resides on Elm Street saw the pretty girl from Daisy that was visiting in Banco last Sunday?

Jesse Justice surely will be an expert at swallowing taffy as he followed a mill all last week that ground out the goods.

Good luck to all.