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An unknown correspondent from Banco on Big Creek in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on August 6, 1926:

Banco is getting livelier every day. One can look out just any time and see an ice truck, lumber truck or furniture truck. We are sure glad to see our town so rapidly improving.

Charles Garrett of Curry, our ice man, will turn a cold shoulder on all the girls on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.

Miss Pearl Hager of this place is spending the week with her brother, C.L. Hager at Stone Branch.

Misses Clara Harmon and Marea Lucas were the Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Lucas.

Jesse Justice of Elm Street was calling on his old girl at Manila last Sunday.

Charlie Stone, small son and daughter and Ruby May, Bill Butcher, Ruby Sanders and Tiny Chafin motored to Banco Wednesday evening.

H.F. Lucas and sister Marea of Elm Street motored to Manila last Saturday, attended church and were the all-night guests of their aunt, Mary Jane Drake.

J.M. Harmon and W.J. Vance of Peach Creek motored through Banco last Monday.

F.L. Estep of this place made a business call in Estep last Wednesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Son Ball and baby of Hewitt have been visiting Mrs. Ball’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pardee, at this place this week.

Aunt Rispa Stone has returned to her home on Ed Stone Branch. She has been absent from this place for some time. Her entire family and all her friends were glad to see her back again.

Mrs. Etta Thomas and daughter Hazel of Thomas Circle were Wednesday night guests of Mrs. Thomas’ daughter, Mrs. Grayce McComas, at Daisy.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Lucas motored to Chapmanville last Tuesday where they attended the primary.

Wonder what has become of Basil Duty? We haven’t seen him in town for two or three days. There must be some attraction on Lynn Street.

Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Queen of Logan motored through Banco last Sunday enroute to Needmore.

Good luck and good wishes.