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A correspondent named “Billy the Goat” from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following news, which the Logan Banner printed on July 28, 1922:

Hot Dog was calling on Queenie on Sunday.

Wayne Brown was a business visitor to Kitchen Saturday.

Mr. Julian Evans was calling on Miss Eva Barker Sunday.

Rev. Dyke Garrett preached at the Campbellite church Sunday.

Messrs. Everett Fowler, Wayne Brown, and Chester Cooke were calling on Miss Ona Walls Sunday night.

Windy Conley was riding the white mule Sunday.

Miss Anna Bowling is sporting a diamond ring.

Andrew Fowler seems to be financially embarrassed.

Mr. Nathan Booth made a flying switch and bumped into Bal Bryant Friday night at twelve midnight.

Mr. Ed Chapman seems to be liking blackberry wine these days.

Mr. Walter Ferrell made a flying trip to Big Creek Sunday.

Mr. John Bishop was seen chasing Mr. Ed Johnson with something. Ed sure can run.

The Banner’s motto should be: “Work like Helen B. Happy.”