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In May of 1917, Herbert’s Greater Shows carnival visited Logan, WV, and generated several items of news in the Logan Democrat:


The Herbert’s Greater Shows that have been exhibiting here for two weeks are very good, in fact high class shows.

Mr. Joseph Herbert has a reputation all over the country, excelled by no other showman, for carrying clean and up to date amusements.

The Silodrome, the feature attraction is one of the most sensational exhibitions ever witnessed by anyone. The rider, Mr. Fritz Gerber, the man with an iron nerve, is always entirely at the mercy of chance, rides the perpendicular wall with great ease and with his noted smile he always puts great thrill into the hearts of all who pay the Silodrome a visit.

The minstrels, Japanese Theatre are very good. These shows especially are equal to any of the big ones. No gambling devices are operated.

Source: Logan (WV) Democrat, 17 May 1917.



A young girl, about 15 years old, tried to hide from her father in a sewer near the power house Tuesday evening so as to run away with the carnival people. People living in the vicinity secured the help of some of those going to the circus and the young lady was induced to surrender to parental authority. When last seen, father and daughter were heading over the hill and from the faint echo of their words it was evident that the rod would not be spared when the woodshed was reached.

Source: Logan (WV) Democrat, 17 May 1917.



Soldier Shoots Coyote that Escaped From Carnival Thursday Morning

The first coyote to fall a victim of the white man’s rifle in Logan since the days when the dusty Indian maid, Aracoma, romped the hills hereabouts fell last Thursday to the accurate aim of Private Miller of the Second Virginia regiment at the power house.

The coyote belonged to Herbert’s Greater Shows. The animal escaped from his keepers and fled toward Logan. At the Power house a large pig, belonging to K.F. Deskins, suddenly appeared in the path of the coyote. The coyote decided to forego the bright lights of Logan temporarily to feast on $15 a hundred pork and in a few minutes was feasting on the fat of the land.

The pig’s squeals attracted the attention of Private Miller, who wears a medal for sharpshooting. He fired twice at a range of 100 yards and both shots took effect. The coyote keeled over dead.

Source: Logan (WV) Democrat, 24 May 1917.