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From the Huntington Advertiser of Huntington, WV, comes these items dated May 7, 1887:

At the conclusion of Barrett’s circus performance Tuesday, the animals were fed with raw meat in the presence of the spectators. The smell of the meat roused the lion from a sweet slumber, and he pranced round in his cage and threshed the bars, with his tail in a very ferocious manner. The keeper threw him a piece of beef which he received with manifestations of savage delight. He placed it between his paws and attempted to tear it as he was accustomed to tear the carcass of the succulent nigger in his native jungle, but he did not know the characteristics of Huntington beef, and his greatest efforts were not able to make an impression on the piece between his paws. An expression of grief and sadness and surprise came into this eyes as he contemplated it for a moment and then retired to a corner of his cage with an air of deep humiliation. It was inexpressibly sad to see the King of Beasts abdicating his title in favor of a Huntington steer.


More than five thousand people sweltered under Barrett’s circus tents Tuesday afternoon looking at the “greatest show on earth,” the principal advertised feature of which was Jo-Jo, the alleged dog-faced Russian boy, who is making one of his final tours before returning to his mother country, whither he has been, it is said, peremptorily recalled by his imperial majesty. As Jo-Jo is not noticeably handsome as a man, and is a poor excuse for a dog, it is not readily conceivable what they want with him in Russia, unless the Czar wishes to hear the wind bow Aeolian melodies through his whiskers. The daring bareback rider was there in all his spangles and glory, and the sacred animals looked as old and rusty and smelled as badly as ever, while the fat man and woman, the midgets and general monstrosities were in their old accustomed place, baby mine. But the golden haired fairies in perilously short garments who floated in bewitching and bewildering loveliness and went through all the motions on the flying trapeze were the old-time attraction for saint and sinner.