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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on April 12, 1927:

All the farmers are getting very busy in our vicinity, especially Wayne Adams.

Miss Unice Farley of Mud Fork was visiting her parents of Harts Tuesday.

May Robinson says she don’t know which one of the boys she loves best, Cole or Cary.

They are all taking a vote to find out which is the wisest man in town. Look out, Daniel. You’ll be the one.

Wonder why Jim Thompson didn’t want any pillow.

Wonder why Sid Mullins never visits Hoover any more.

Working is all the go among the farmers. Guess the men are getting plenty of chicken.

Daniel McCloud was calling on his best friends at Mollie Robinson’s on Sunday night.

Sid Mullins and his oldest sister Miss Dixie Mullins went on a business trip to Logan Friday.

Charley Mullins was a visitor of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Adams Friday.

Tom Mullins went to see his mother on Twelvepole Thursday evening. She is very ill at this time.

Daily Acts: Daniel and his sweet potatoes; Philip sowing oats; Edna going to the store; Gillis and his silk socks.



Seven news letters from Whirlwind in less than one week are too many to receive proper attention and full space to this family journal. However, the Banner management is elated at evidence of this interest in the paper’s contents.


Two more letters from Whirlwind come today. That community seems to be appropriately named.