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From the Logan Banner of Logan, WV, comes this story about church improvement dated May 8, 1914:

The Church Painting Campaign in Logan

Last Spring more “fresh paint” was spread in Logan than in any three previous years in the history of the town. Every business house in the city, the depot, hotels, theatres, boarding houses, and many of the residences, large and small, were painted, inside and out.

But what of the churches? Except for interior decorations in some of them, the church houses of Logan look just like they did three years ago–only worse. If any of them have seen a paint brush on their exterior in three years. The Banner does not know of it. The residences, even, of some of the pastors are new, others have been recently painted.

Are stores, hotels, theatres, depots, etc., more important than churches and Sunday schools? It would seem that they are. Nor is this the sole condition of the disgrace. Most of the painting down last Spring was by men who are prominent in church circles, or interested in them to some extent. They seem to have forgotten the churches entirely when the painting campaign was on so generally. But it is “Never too late to Mend,” and this Spring is the time to paint the churches.

Let’s see how many persons are really interested in church painting.

Since writing the above, two of the city churches have indulged in paint. The Methodist Church, of which a cut is printed this week, has been beautifully primed in white. The newly rebuilt Christian church has had its “first coat” applied.

However, this need not prevent the work of painting the other churches from proceeding, and the plan may work out even better.

As a test, we open the campaign in six departments, a fund for each of the Logan churches, and one for the “General Fund.” Those wishing to donate to church painting, but having no choice, will be credited to the “General Fund.” Pledges or donations received which do not specify any particular church, will be entered in the “General Fund.”

Should any church not wish to accept the donation credited to it, the amount will be transferred to the General Fund, or to another church, as shall be decided by the Committee.