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An unknown correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on June 3, 1921:

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hainor attended the decoration exercises at Manila Sunday.

W.G. Willis made a business trip to Logan Saturday.

E.P. Stowers and Miss Emma Stowers returned Wednesday from a business trip to Huntington.

Uncle Floyd Barker, of St. Albans, is visiting relatives here this week and attending decoration.

Mrs. Lottie Hainor and daughter Thermal left Sunday afternoon for a visit with relatives at Henlawson.

Mrs. Cora McKinney spent Sunday with friends here.

Miss Erie Blevins, who is staying at Hughey, spent Sunday with her parents at this place.

Miss Nellie Barker was called to Wilsondale Sunday on account of the illness of her sister.

We are glad to say that Miss Lula Blevins, who has been staying at Hughey, has returned to her home here.

Mrs. C.B. Hainor visited friends at Manila Sunday.

An exciting incident occurred on last Saturday evening that might have caused serious loss to the firm of Stowers and Garrett and besmirched the glorious record they have been making the past few weeks as peddlers. As they were returning home, Mr. Garrett noticed a large fowl in a wheat field, he proceeded to capture it and confine it in his chicken coop. Thinking he had captured some rare bird of the tropical jungles, he drove with all speed to the home of Mr. Stowers where some of the family promptly pronounced it to be a turkey but Messrs. Stowers and Garret had their own opinion on the matter and had already decided they had captured a parrot. They had christened him “___m” and were already beginning to teach him to talk. However he didn’t show much aptitude as a pupil, but stood with dull expressionless eyes and his long crooked bill of a mouth wide open. After much deliberation they were finally convinced that they had not captured a “Poll Parrot” but a vulture or more commonly speaking, a buzzard. When they were convinced of this they opened the coop and Mr. Buzzard flew away to his rightful dominion, while their golden dream of selling a parrot to some enterprising Loganite vanished away on the soaring wings of the “Buzzard.”