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An unknown correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on May 20, 1921:

Mrs. George H. Seagraves has returned from a visit with her husband’s relatives in Warren, Ohio. She is preparing for house keeping at Wilsondale.

Miss Rosa Stowers is convalescing from a severe attack of tonsilitis.

Miss Ida Garrett, who is working in Huntington, is spending the week with her parents here.

Most of the boys and some of the men were highly elated over the recent rains which caused a rise in the creek and gave them an excuse to “lay off” the spring work and go fishing.

Miss Kate Barker of Logan spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives here.

Dr. Stanley, veterinarian, of Logan made a professional visit to W.G. Willis’ Saturday.

P.D. Blevins of Logan spent Sunday with his mother here.

Mr. and Mrs. James Bryant of Russell, Kentucky, are visiting relatives here this week.

Lacy Browning, who is working at Logan, spent Sunday with his wife.

The wedding bells were ringing Sunday for two of our young folks. The bride was Miss Arda Jeffrey and the groom Mr. Herbert McKinney. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride of Rev. W.D. Garrett.

Beecher Curry was calling on Miss Erie Blevins Sunday. It is our opinion that “Uncle Dyke” will be called upon to don his surplice again soon.

C.B. Hainor and family were visiting at J.D. Ball’s Sunday afternoon.

Lacy Ball of Jeffry was seen on our streets Sunday. He seemed to be all smiles. The reason: He was manipulating the “brand new” Ford, and had one of our best looking girls by his side.

Miss Erie Blevins was a charming hostess to a small party of her friends on Saturday night from eight to eleven o’clock. Chocolate fudge was served. Among the invited guests were Misses Eliza and Ella Garrett, Ida Garrett, Nora Stollings and Myrtle McKinney, Messrs. Stollie Hainor, Kyle Hill, Charlie Garrett, Beecher Barker and Henry McKinney. Everyone reported a nice time.

On last Sunday morning at ten o’clock some of the folks of the community under the leadership of Wallace Garrett and Robert Hainor met at the school house for the purpose of organizing a Sunday School. The first meeting of the school will be at 10:30 the 15th. Everybody welcome.

Kyle Hill of Logan was visiting Stollie Hainor Sunday.

Mrs. John Hunter was visiting her daughter Mrs. Opie Pridemore Sunday.

Best wishes for the Banner.