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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on February 11, 1927:

Wilburn Mullins was calling on friends at Mollie Robinson’s, Sunday.

Carl Adams was inquiring about the Bird on Hoover Sunday. You are mistaken this time, Carl. The bird’s home is on Trace.

Wonder why Wilburn looked so down hearted Sunday? Cheer up, Wilburn. It may not be so?

Sidney Mullins has been on the sick list for the past few weeks, we are sorry to say.

Wonder why Carl and Burnet Adams were out so early Sunday morning. Boys, the girls never went to singing.

Garnet Mullins left Hoover Sunday morning for Mud Fork where she will stay with her sister. Cheer up, boys. She will come back soon.

Charley Mullins, Jr., has returned from a visit to Chicago. Charley, we have missed you very much.

Rachel Kiser was the guest of Mrs. Lora Martin Monday.

Joe Kirk was seen going up Buck Fork Monday. Guess he was out on business.

We are all listening for the wedding bells to ring, especially on Buck Fork.

Daily acts: Burnet and his Bible; Carl going to Twelve Pole; Daniel and his cane; May and Alice quilting; Grover going to Gay; Nervie and her butter; Charley and his secret; Howard getting the news.