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From the Logan Banner of Logan, West Virginia, dated January 5, 1911, we find this editorial:

“The bounteous harvest of holiday business is past, and the so-called dull season is upon our business man. But why a dull season? Some of our business men are going around with a face as long as a shingle, and to see them and hear them talk about dull business reminds one of a man in the last stages of consumption who is resigned to his fate. They appear as though they see bankruptcy staring them in the face. What they need is a little stiffening of the backbone. They need not expect business to be as good as it was through the holiday season, but they should remember that the people of this generation must be fed and clothed and furnished with whatever comforts they can afford, and as long as this is the case, there will be a continued demand for goods and merchandise of all kinds, and business will go on in the same old way. The trouble with the  business men of this city is that they talk down instead of talking up. If the merchant talks dull times, the farmer, the miner, the teamster, the carpenter, the professional man and all others will catch the contagion, and then business will be dull, but if they take an optimistic view of the matter and talk up, the opposite will be the result.

“There is no county in the state, and probably not in the union, that has a more brilliant future than Logan. Logan is today the best town of the state of its size, and it has much to be proud of. The coming year will witness greater development throughout the county than any two previous years, and instead of our business men going around with their lips hung down, they should be right now planning a vigorous campaign to capture their fair share of the prosperity that is sure to abound. Let them rouse themselves from the lethargy which now enshrouds them and be up and doing. Logan is all right. The fault is your own if you do not prosper. It is here for you. If you don’t get it, it will be your own fault. With the railroad going on up the river, and new coal operations opening up within sight of one another, and with our fine quality of coal and timber, nothing but Divine intervention can keep the Guyan Valley from blossoming as the rose. Stop your whining or get off the earth. Take hold and boost or the wheels of progress will mash you into smithereens.

“Logan is all right.

“It may be that you are too slow to keep up.”