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The Logan Banner, formerly the Logan County Banner, is the primary newspaper serving Logan County, West Virginia, and surrounding areas. The first issue of the Banner appeared in 1889 under the editorship of Henry Clay Ragland. Its history serves as an item of interest.

Logan Banner, 26 June 1914

Every name on the combined Banner and Republican lists–paid and not paid–will receive a copy of this week’s “25th-year Souvenir Edition,” also some sample copies are mailed. This is our last invitation, and your last chance to get Dean’s Logan Banner at $1 a year; it goes up to $1.50 a year in advance next issue, and will never come down while the present owner edits it. A blank coupon for remittance will be found below; better send your name and a dollar NOW. All subscribers in arrears will be cut off July 3rd, the date of next issue.


Logan Banner, 14 August 1914


A certificate of incorporation has been issued to The Logan Banner Co., to conduct a publishing business at Logan. It has an authorized capital of $10,000, and its incorporators are E.T. England, Ira P. Hager, O.J. Deegan, John M. Perry, Naaman Jackson, W.C. Lawrence, Jr., and J.C. Smith, all of Logan.


Logan Banner, 14 August 1914

To the Public:

The Logan Banner has lately changed hands. The new editor will have charge in a few days. The future policy of this newspaper will then be stated. Suffice it to say that the paper will advocate all that pertains to civic righteousness and civic betterment.

The owners believe, as every one should believe, who lives within the confines of Logan county, that progress is the result of the acts of a progressive people, and that Logan county is made up of people who believe that to progress is to succeed, hence the unparalleled development of our county.

The Logan Banner will do all that lies in its power to foster each and everything that has a tendency to develop and uplift the county. In short, the ultimate object will be a greater Logan, city and county.

O.J. Deegan


Logan Banner, 21 August 1914

A Word to Our Readers

The Logan Banner, under new auspices, will be published as usual at the same place and at the old subscription price of one dollar per year. It is the ultimate object of the publishers to make The Banner purely a local newspaper, and with this aim in view, will welcome news from every part of the city and county.

We believe that the merchants of Logan will realize the value of The Banner since it is going into every nook and corner of Logan county, and will use it as a medium through which to express themselves to their many customers. While we do not see at this time the name of many local firms among our advertising customers, we believe that such condition will not long exist, especially so since there is not a merchant in the city of Logan who does not greatly appreciate each and every one of his patrons regardless of those patrons’ party affiliations.

There are among the readers of The Banner many from every party represented in the county. There is not an institution in Logan that is not patronized by people affiliated with every party here; therefore we lay claim to the fact that The Logan Banner is entitled to much of the advertising in which the merchants of Logan county participate, and by merit alone do we expect to prove our assertions. We will also please you with our job work; we will allow no alternative to this latter.

Come in and see us; you are welcome.


Logan Banner, 4 September 1914 (originally published in the McDowell Recorder)

Changed Hands

The Logan Banner has again changed hands. For two weeks it has had the same salutatory, but we guess it is only gathering wind for its sails.

We certainly wish the new management abundant success, and that with sledge-hammer blows it will smash up the old bourbon democracy of that county.

If the new management cannot install a linotype, it should, by all means, employ a boy who can each week set at least a column or two of real live matter. Don’t catch the grouch that affected Brother Dean.