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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on November 14, 1914:

Forest fires have done considerable damage in this section recently.

Drs. Carter and Ratcliff were Whirlwind visitors one day the first of the week.

Mrs. James Baisden of Dingess died at her home Thursday, November 12th.

Miss Burlie Riddle was shopping at this place on Tuesday last.

Misses Julia and Roxie Mullins were Whirlwind visitors one day this week.

Miss Mamie Adkins was visiting at Uncle Tom Smith’s Friday.

W.J. Bachtel transacted business in Mingo county the first of the week.

T.J. Carter is on the sick list at this writing.

Mrs. David Tomblin of Buck Fork was here Wednesday.

J.M. Adams transacted business at Whirlwind Friday of last week.

Mose Tomblin, Jr., made a business trip to Bulwark Friday.

Jacob Alperin of Charleston was here on business one day recently.

Rev. N. Barber returned Sunday from a business trip to Mingo county.

Miss Ethel Chaffin of Wayne is visiting Naaman Borders at this place.

Little Earsel, the five-year-old child of Will Farley, took the croup last Saturday and died in a few hours. The bereaved ones have our sympathy.

Miss Dora Workman of this place visited relatives at Breeding last week.

The schools of this place taught by Mr. and Mrs. Borders are progressing nicely.

James Mullins, our prominent merchant, bought a fine span of mules recently.

Revs. Vance, Curry, and Border preached at McCloud school house Sunday.

The folks on Buck Fork have organized a Bible school, which all the folks are invited to take a part. That begins to look like the good people of that place are moving in the right way. If all our neighbors would do the same, our young men would find it even more interesting that the disgraceful card table or Sunday baseball. And I am sure it would do more to elevate our country. People are going to engage in something on Sunday, if it is things that are sinful. So let us interest them in something that is elevating and has a wholesome moral uplift. Where we have a Bible school or Sunday school we have a sort of round table in which all may have a say in the subject. There are a thousand and one things that are intensely interesting in the Good Old Book that many educated people are wholly ignorant of, and I am surprised to see so few school teachers that take such little interest in these things. How long will things be thus?

Now that the election is over and the lucky ones are happy and the unlucky ones have bid their loved ones at home goodbye and are on their way up the hated Salt River we wish the dear fellows all a safe voyage.

‘Lasses makin’ is over and the frost is on the pumpkin and the fodder’s in the shock.