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An unknown correspondent from Harts in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on November 2, 1926:

Everybody is very busy electioneering for E.F. Scaggs and J.M. Marcum here.

Attorney Lace Marcum of Huntington spent the week with Charles Brumfield and family.

Robert Brumfield is seriously ill at this writing.

W.B. Toney of Toney was calling on Miss Clara Spry Sunday.

Enos Dials seems to be all smiles these days. Wonder why? I guess he has got a sweetie after all.

Miss Clara Adkins was the guest of Mrs. Bill Farris at Atensville Friday.

Jack Marcum of Ranger was in town Saturday.

Mrs. Beatrice Adkins of the West Fork was in town Saturday.

Ed Brumfield was calling on one of his best girls at Toney Sunday.

…progressing nicely with her school at Atensville.

Fred Shelton was in town Sunday evening.

Miss Jessie Brumfield is progressing…

Hendrix Brumfield is very busy these days telling the folks why he is a Democrat.

We have been informed today that Fed Adkins, a Democrat, has turned over to be a Republican now.

Message was received today that Miss Perva B. Johnson has arrived safely in Chicago.

Misses Jessie Brumfield and Mae Caines were seen out horse back riding Saturday evening.

Hallie Holton of Charleston is the guest of friends and relatives here.