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These may be hot days in the Logan jail, but they are clean ones. Under the regime of Sheriff Hatfield and Jailer Kimmell, the jail interior is kept in the most sanitary condition.

The following regulations are in force at the jail:

Each prisoner must make up his bed upon arising or he will spend one day in the cell.

Refuse must not be thrown on the floor or out the window. Penalty: one day in cell.

Each prisoner must use his own plate and spoon.

All inmates must assist in keeping the jail clean or be punished by two days in cell and privilege of visitors refused.

No prisoner is allowed to loiter in entrance hall.

Prisoners are prohibited from crowding around windows when men are locked in cells.

Stealing from another prisoner is punishable by one week on bread and water.

One or more baths must be taken by each prisoner every week.

Talking to women prisoners is absolutely prohibited. Violations punishable by two days in cell.

Noise after 11 p.m. will cause offender to be placed in cell and denied visitors.

Source: Logan (WV) Banner, 27 July 1926.