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From “Hardesty’s History of Lincoln County, West Virginia,” published by H.H. Hardesty, we find this entry for Andrew D. Robinson, who resided at Harts Creek in Lincoln County, West Virginia:

Son of David and Margaret (Browning) Robinson, residents of Logan county, West Virginia, was born in that county, April 13, 1837, and came to what is now Lincoln county in 1851. He chose for a life companion Rhoda J., daughter of Joseph and Dicy (Mullins) Adams, who was born in Logan county, October 7, 1844, and in this county, in 1859 their marriage was consummated. To them nine children have been given, born as follows: David A., November 21, 1860; Emmeline V., July 5, 1863; Benjamin F., January 26, 1866; John R., September 1, 1868; Joseph, February 20, 1870; Polly A., August 7, 1873; Dicy, June 13, 1876; Margaret, June 22, 1879; Jesse, September 10, 1882. Andrew D. Robinson was elected justice of the peace in Hart Creek district in 1876, and held the office four years. He has been the secretary of the  board of education, and is now postmaster. Mr. Robinson enlisted in the war between the States, in 1863, serving in the Federal army; he was captured, taken to Libby prison and there held for two months. He was deprived of the advantages of the free school, but through his energy and perseverance gained a good practical education. Mr. Robinson is tilling the soil in Hart Creek district, owning 110 acres of land on Hart creek. The timber on the land is oak, poplar, walnut, and ash; the orchard, apple, cherry, and pear; mineral, coal and iron ore, found in abundance. Andrew D. Robinson’s post office address is Hart, Lincoln county, West Virginia.

SourceThe West Virginia Encyclopedia, Vol. 7 (Richwood, WV: Jim Comstock, 1974), p. 137.