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Devil Anse Behind Bars HA 09.12.1899 1

Huntington (WV) Advertiser, 12 September 1899.

This story reads: “The posse of citizens which left Gray on the N. & W. yesterday for the purpose of raiding the fort and homes of the Hatfields met with fairly good success, and the most remarkable feature is the fact that no blood was shed. They captured Anse Hatfield, his son Bob, and son-in-law John Dingess at Wharncliffe. The posse hid themselves in a baggage car of an N. & W. train and took the entire party by surprise. When Bob Hatfield put the U.S. mail on the train, two Winchesters were thrust in his face and as his hands were up he was commanded to keep them up under penalty of death. The party then went to Bob’s house which is located on the side of the hill and finding ‘Devil Anse’ asleep his capture was easy. The old fellow who has led his clan for fifteen years against all enemies and authorities seemed much surprised when he awoke and noticed that he was surrounded by men with Winchesters. His faithful Winchesters of the past were then in the hands of the posse. The notorious ‘Cap’ Hatfield was in another room of the house, but at first sight of the posse approaching he escaped into a nearby cornfield and made his way to the mountains in safety. Dingess was located in a nearby saloon operated by Bob Hatfield and he was also taken into custody with but little trouble. The members of the posse of course feel much elated over the captures. All the prisoners were placed in the Williamson jail at a late hour last night and there is much speculation throughout Mingo as to what the outcome will be. It is believed by many that the intention is purely to have them removed to Kentucky, as there are no indictments of any serious nature against any of those captured yesterday in West Virginia. All are wanted in Kentucky however for their complicity in the McCoy murders of years ago. There are a large number of the Hatfields still in the mountains of Mingo and Logan, and whether the posse will continue pushing on until all are captured is not known here today.”