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An unknown local correspondent from Harts in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on February 26, 1926:

Several boys and girls of this place attended singing school at Coal Branch Sunday.

Dr. Ferrell and Cora Adkins were calling on friends at Sand Creek last Saturday evening.

Miss Jewell Brumfield attended Sunday school at Gill Sunday and was accompanied by Sylvia Ciphers and Hawkins Perry.

J.C. McEldowney of Charleston was calling on friends and relatives at Harts Saturday.

Chas. Brumfield was a business caller in Huntington Saturday.

Ward Brumfield was transacting business in Hamlin Saturday.

Blanch, Anna and Laura Lambert were visiting friends in Harts Wednesday.

Hardin Marcum was calling on Shirlie Adkins at West Hamlin Sunday.

Hendrix Brumfield attended singing at Coal Branch Sunday and reported there were over fifty singers present and the singing was progressing nicely.

Every body is planning to hunt Easter eggs here.

Mrs. C.C. Pack and daughter, Miss May, were visiting relatives in Logan Saturday and Sunday.

Enos Dials spent Sunday in Huntington.

Daily Happenings: Bob Hendrix meeting the train; Ward with the tax books; Watson with his pipe; Herb in the garage; Nora and Jewell teaching school; Bessie and Cora in the store; Aunt Cathrine with her hair; Sadie with her glasses on; Luther in his old rattle trap; Wesley reading the newspaper; Fred, the law maker.