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“J.M.,” a local correspondent at Whirlwind in Upper Hart, Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on Friday, November 24, 1911:

Success to the Banner.

F.F. Riddle was here Tuesday.

Prof. J. Mullins was on 12 Pole Monday.

Mrs. Pollie Adams was shopping Thursday.

Mose Tomblin is hauling corn for W.J. Bachtel at this writing.

Harve Smith, of this place, has moved to Bulwark, W.Va.

James Mullins attended church on Twelve Pole Sunday.

Peter Workman is still our special mail carrier from Whirlwind to Dingess.

F.M. Collins, of McCloud, was here on business Thursday.

C.W. Mullins was visiting Mullins & Riddle Thursday.

W.H. Workman made a business trip to Holden Wednesday.

Boyd Kinser is the champion horse dealer of Whirlwind.

Rev. Gordon Farley transacted business here one day since.

Mrs. Martha Kinser was calling on Wednesday.

Dode Tomblin, of Dingess, visited Whirlwind Thursday.

S. Riddle was down to Hart on business one day recently.

Guy Gore, of Halcyon, transacted business at this place Thursday.

Mrs. Pollie Workman died with consumption at her home near this place, on the 11th inst.

Luke Curry was out on business the _____ of the freight, by which they were to be shipped.

Jackson Conley, of Shively, died in the Huntington Hospital one day last week and was buried at the Conley Cemetery, Monday, the 13th.