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“Reporter,” a local correspondent from Gill in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Lincoln Republican printed on Thursday, June 21, 1923:

A large engine with six cars were wrecked on the track at Harts one day last week, but no one was injured.

John Sperry will preach at Gill, Saturday night before the third Sunday in July. Everybody is invited.

Lee Adkins of Hager, will conduct a singing school at the Gill school house beginning the first Sunday in July.

Sons, Brooks, Golden, Peacha and Cassie Hager, of Spears, John Sperry and sons of Price, Lee Spears, and Philip Sperry of Gill, attended the big Lodge celebration at Midkiff last Sunday.

Ward Spears, of this place, attended the baptizing at Leet last Sunday.

Brad Gill has purchased a new camera.

Wm. Sperry and family have recovered from the measles.