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“Bull Mooser,” a local correspondent from Queens Ridge in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Lincoln Republican printed on Thursday, October 2, 1913:

We have been having some fine rains in this vicinity, which were badly needed.

Joseph Maynard, one of our merchants is on a trip to Huntington this week to buy his winter line of merchandise.

Jack Frost was on a visit to this vicinity last week.

The mail will be carried from Maynard to Wilsondale beginning Monday.

John Workman, Sr. is very ill with typhoid fever.

Squirrels are plentiful in this vicinity. The boys are killing loads of them.

Isaac Workman, Jr. continues very sick. There is very little hope for his recovery.

Cattle and hogs are scarce and high priced in this community.

Ross Fowler and Ward Brumfield were business callers at Squire Vance’s Monday.

Wiley Williamson, of Holden, was visiting friends here Saturday and Sunday.

Willie Browning and Jas. Aldridge went coon hunting Saturday night. The boys came back discouraged — didn’t catch any coons, but caught 5 ‘possums.