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An unnamed correspondent from Harts in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on December 11, 1925:

Seems to be a busy day at Harts. Every body at work.

Mrs. Nora Brumfield is teaching a very successful school here.

Mrs. F.D. Adkins is ill at this writing.

Mrs. Wealtha Gore of Williamson was visiting relatives of this place Sunday.

Mrs. Watson Adkins was calling on Mrs. R.L. Powers Sunday.

Mrs. L.D. Adkins was calling on Mrs. Fred Adkins Monday.

Mr. Floyd Dingess was calling on Mr. Herb Adkins Sunday.

Mrs. Beatrice Adkins was calling on Mrs. Catherine Adkins Friday.

Miss Pearl Adkins has been doing quite a lot of sewing and embroidering in the past month. Wonder who is going to get Xmas presents.

Miss Jessie Brumfield was seen passing through Harts Sunday.

Miss Sylvia Shelton and Mrs. Kyle Topping of Atenville were calling on friends at Harts Friday.

Mr. Albert Fry of Ranger was calling on Mr. Lewis Dempsey Sunday.

Mr. Bill Adkins was a caller at Mr. Luther Dempsey’s Sunday.

Combinations: Fred and his mule teams; Herb and his new shoes; Jessie and her spring coat; Inez and her apron; Pearl and her hose; James and his pups; Samuel and his books; Bill and his girls; Luther and his friends; Sadie going to the store; Rinda in her kitchen; Mae and her friends; Nora and her school; Catherine and her checkered dress; Bessie and her pencil; Robert staying with the children; Curtis and his new clothes; Marguerite and her basket; Den and his girl; Edgar and his wagon; Luther and his sore arm; Robert and his new job; Henry and his handcar; Blain and his bottle.

Mrs. James Porter has been on the sick list for a few days.

Mr. Albert Cabell was visiting Mr. F.D. Adkins Monday night.

Misses Nola and Lola Adkins were calling on Miss Pearl Adkins Tuesday.

Mr. Wes Smith and Albert Cabell were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brumfield Tuesday.