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An unnamed correspondent from Harts in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on November 27, 1925:

Business seems to be improving at Harts now.

Messrs. Herbert and Watson Adkins made a flying business trip to Ranger Tuesday.

Mrs. F.B. Adkins and sister Miss Harriet Dingess was calling on Misses Pearl and Cora Adkins of this place.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Adkins of Man were the week guests of Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Powers of this place.

Miss Jessie Brumfield was seen passing through Harts Tuesday evening.

Miss Cora Adkins spent Sunday and Monday with homefolks here. She is working in Logan.

Mr. Bill Adkins of this place seemed to be enjoying himself all alone Sunday. Never worry, says Billie, She will come.

Mrs. Hollena Ferguson has been ill for a few days, but seems to be improving now.

R.L. Powers has two fine hogs. Hope he soon makes pork.

Mrs. Delphia Dingess and sister were calling on Miss Cora Dingess Sunday.

Bill Adkins was calling on Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Powers Sunday.

Mrs. Vina Adkins and Mrs. Sadie Porter were calling on Mrs. Watson Adkins Sunday.

Combinations: Uncle Gibb and his horse; Pearl and her new dress; Cora and her callers; Sadie and her new sweater; Inez and her bobbed hair; Jessie meeting the tarin; Lewis and his mule; Luther and his truck; Herb and his flat tire; Bill and his yellow breeches; Beatrice and her purple umbrella; Ora and her beaux; Hendrix the mail carrier; Bessie at the pump; Kirt and his water bucket; Watson and his pipe; James and his dog; Aunt Catherine and her curls.